Whats UP EVERYONE!!! It’s your boo Shachi coming ‘atcha from a VERY RAINY Los Angeles!! I am LURVING this rain! It’s making the whole city feel FRESH plus we don’t get enough of rain in California, let alone down in LA, so trust me girls I’m HAPPY ’bout it!

I’m ALSO happy about our partnership with MISS UNIVERSE!!! My family is OBSESSED with Miss Universe! My sisters and I aggressively watch the show EVERY YEAR! We have a little part, get ALL of our FAV foods, and DRESS UP in our FANCIEST outfits! LOL, it’s silly but we’ve done it since we were tots! It makes us feel like KWEENS, which OBVS we are!

Even though we’re American we always, always, ALWAYS root for Miss India to win! My parents were born there and they get  and they are SOOO proud to be Indian they definitely passed that down to us! Every time Miss India get’s on stage they cheer and dance around, trust me it’s adorable. 

It’s also SUPER EASY to want her to win because this year Miss India is Roshmitha Harimurthy and she is AH-MAZE-ING.

Roshmitha is multilingual and is getting her Master’s Degree in International Business, gotta get that paper girl!! She also spends a LOT of her time volunteering and helping others! My fav thing about her though is that competing in pageants has helped her overcome her fear of public speaking! That’s why I get so mad when people are like “Oh beauty pageants are so DUMB” It’s like uhm…no they’re actually helping these women feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT! So YAS KWEEN, keep doing you! 

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XOXO – Shachi