Greetings Girlies, it’s your girl RACHAEL! As much as I LURV makeup and admire all the girlies that can perfectly apply it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I just don’t have the skill or the patience to do it, but I STILL want that flawless skin on the daily! UGH, what a predicament! 

For the longest time I thought that having just naturally good skin was OUT OF THE QUESTION for me, but then StelloGirl ADI introduced me to GLOSSIER! I can honestly say Glossier has brought my skin to life! It’s the holy grail of skincare and makeup and WE SHOULD ALL BE USING IT! Seriously, not only is this brand super instagrammable but it also DELIVERS on its promises of better skin! I’ve slowly been working my way through their products and every single one has become a MUST-HAVE for me! I can’t even remember what my life (or skin) was like before it and honestly I DON’T WANT TO!

I’m STILL working my way through all of the products but this is what I have so far and I LURV every single one! Here is my little Guide To Glossier*!

* Oh, and babes just so you know…this is NOT AN AD! LOL, I just really love Glossier THAT MUCH!

Get your Glossier on HERE!

Priming Moisturizer 
If you get ONE thing from Glossier, let it be the Priming Moisturizer! In regular or in rich this baby is the #1 MUST HAVE for dewy, smooth skin! Seriously I GLOW when I wear it! It just brings out the best in my skin. It’s light and buildable so if it’s an especially dry day I can add a little more or whatever. Just trust me on this, it’s incredible.

Ah, the Superpack, part of a well-balanced skincare routine. The pack is made up three serums to boost your skin no matter the problem! If your skin feels dull or you just pulled an all nighter, that’s a job for Super Glow. If you’re stressed out and breaking out, you need Super Pure. Super Bounce is like a shot of moisturizer straight to your dehydrated skin! I actually only have two to the three serums right now because I already used up ALL of my Super Glow! What?! It’s AMAZING OKAY!

Balm Dotcom
A universal skin salve, this has been so great to keep in my backpack because I literally use it for everything. Yup, when they say universal they MEAN UNIVERSAL! I’ve used it as chapstick, hand cream, even to style my hair LOL! I also LURV that this comes in different flavors and I can’t wait to try out the COCONUT one! YUM!

Generation G 
So unlike many of my fellow Stellogirls, I’m not a bit lipstick wearer. IDK, I always feel so goofy wearing it and I can never apply it right, and then I always feel like it’s on my teeth! It just seemed like too much of a hassle, but I LURV Generation G! It basically looks like you’ve just blotted on some lipstick, so it’s effortless and yet VIBRANT? LOL does that even make sense? I don’t care, it’s amazing matte goddess vibes and I’m OBSESSED!

So there you have it girlies! Like I said I’m STILL working my way through all the WONDERFUL goodies over at Glossier, I’m particularly excited to try out the Cloud Paint and Haloscope! What are YOUR fav Glossier products? Tell me about ’em in the comments!

XOXO – Rachael