So what do you do if you’re looking to GLAM UP your wardrobe without dropping a lot of dough? Try out a clothing rental service, OBVIOUSLY! I’ve been trying out Rent-The-Runway for the past few weeks, in fact they are responsible for my two Napa Valley looks HERE and HERE! are and here is EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about their Unlimited service!

First things first, Rent The Runway is a clothing rental service that a LOOOOOT of bloggers swear by! Especially when you got EVENTS coming up (proms, weddings, fancy date night, ETC!). The UNLIMITED version is $139 a month and you can have as many as 3 items at any time for as long as you want! Pretty genius idea actually, but RTR got some serious kings to work out!

Let’s start with the PROS!

  • LOVED my dresses! They were so pretty and stylish! A lot of the clothes from RTR are items I would never be able to afford normally, so it’s a lot of fun to wear the fancy clothes. I shouted at anyone who would listen I was wearing VALENTINO!
  • Fast delivery and easy return.
  • Bags and ACCESSORIES! You can actually get the WHOLE OUTFIT and it’s amazing!


  • They don’t seem to have as many options if you’re bigger than a size 10. All the cute, trendy stuff is only in the smaller sizes and while that’s true for a lot of stores, because they carry SO MANY BRANDS it just seems like they could be doing more to include ALL SIZES.
  • The Flagship Store in NYC was a disaster! They also don’t carry a lot of the upper sizes! There was no one in the dressing rooms and I was told I needed to sign in and then I waited 45 MINUTES before I could just try on my dresses to see if they fit. The “Stylists” there were also kinda rude to me, while being super sweet and friendly with everyone else. When I finally figured out what I wanted they wouldn’t let me take it from the store, it had to be SHIPPED to me? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT. All in all I left the store not feeling good about myself and that’s the exact opposite reaction you’re supposed to have with a store like that.
  • When I tried to call the store about an issue I was having I learned that the store doesn’t HAVE A PHONE, and no one was able to answer my question. WHO DOESN’T HAVE A PHONE.

So that’s been my experience so far. I love the idea of renting clothes, but…IDK. Rent-The-Runway isn’t really delivering the way I hoped it would! I think I’ll keep testing it for the rest of the month but unless I’m really BLOWN AWAY by them, it doesn’t seem worth it.

Who else is using Rent-The-Runway? LMK what you think! Got any other clothing subscription companies I can try out? Tell me in the comments!

XO – Shachi

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