Happy Friday Chicas!! It’s SUSANA here, just getting ready for my FAV holiday….OSCAR SUNDAY! LOL! But seriously the Oscars are like my SUPERBOWL okay?! The GLAM, the MUSICAL NUMBERS, the FASHION! I live for it!

I mean I must have imagined myself on THE Red Carpet HUNDREDS of times when I was younger, always answering the FAMOUS question “WHO ARE YOU WEARING!” Though apparently it’s not “cool” to ask that question anymore. Well you know what….I CARE what the celebs are wearing! I DO! I obvs acknowledge that actresses need to be asked MORE than JUST what they’re wearing and about their look…but ignoring the question entirely has me FURIOUS! 

We are ALL FOR the #AskHerMore campaign! Women SHOULD be asked real substantial questions during interviews, just like their male counterparts! But that shouldn’t come as a critique on girls who LOVE fashion and care about what someone is wearing. When a talented actress, that MANY young girls look up to, responds to the question in such a tired, judgmental way…it honestly kind of hurts. It’s basically like having one of your idols tell you your interests are stupid.

FASHION. STILL. MATTERS. As you all know, at Stellogirls we LURV using fashion as a form of self expression! A designer’s career can be MADE by a Red Carpet appearance, same goes for jewelry and stylists! It’s basically advertising for these talented creators. Which makes it a VALID question! These dresses are complete WORKS OF ART that are sometimes created specially for the celebrity and they get to wear it for FREE!! It’s RUDE not to credit the designer for their work! Like if Dior made ME a custom dress I would not SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

Alls I’m saying is you can care about what someone is wearing AND want to ask them some in-depth questions. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Not caring about fashion doesn’t make you BETTER than someone who does! You can have it all!!! 

So what do you think girlies?! Keeping asking “Who Are YouWearing” or retire the question completely?! Let us know in the comments!

XOXO – Susana