Hi all, it’s Adi tuning in. Let’s keep it 100, you know how people say they’re “doing great!” – I’m not right now. It’s rainy … it’s cold … and finals are weighing HEAVY on my shoulders. I just feel…sad. The Holiday Blues have hit me H A R D.

Everyone ALWAYS says that Christmas is the most WONDERFUL TIME of the year. But IS IT!??! Sure the lights are twinlink and William and Sonoma gives out free chocolate but not ALL OF US feel MERRY during the holiday season. And DAMN I’m tired of feeling bad for feeling bad!!!!

So if you’re feeling some Holiday Blues – you’re not alone. Actually, it’s surprisingly common to feel more depressed during the Holiday season. Lots of people have this melancholy disposition, and I’ve been trying to understand WHY this happens. I think I’ve figured it out!

It’s the PRESSURE! Everyone wants to have the PERFECT holiday. Everyone wants to OUT-DO each other. I find myself stalking other people on Instagram, eyeing those girls with their GLAM Holiday looks in front of the most OVER THE TOP MAGNIFICIENT tree and I’m like … REALLY NOW!?! How. Can. I EVER. Look like that ?!

That’s when I remind myself – I cannot, cannot, CANNOT compare my INSIDES to someone else’s OUTSIDES. Recipe for disaster. We often do this because social media is such a HUGE part of our lives but just because someone posts a BEAUTIFUL photo does NOT mean you have ANY CLUE how they’re feeling or what’s going on in their life. So don’t compare- you can’t possibly do that accurately. GIVE UP comparison and just live YOUR life girl, not someone else’s!

One thing I do that always improves my mood is hit up my StelloSquad for some LURV and SUPPORT! Even just drinking Hot Cocoa and watching Elf together on skype is BOUND to lift my spirits!  Never forget all the GOOD and AMAZING things you have in your life! That is ALWAYS what you need to turn to when things get hard!

SO- point is THIS,  don’t worry so much about feeling sad this Christmas, just make sure you reach out to the people that love you and do the things that make you HAPPY!

XOXO – Adi