If you’ve noticed more and more rainbows popping up in your life the last couple days it’s for a good reason! A BIG WELCOME to the month of JUNE AKA LGBTQ Pride month! YAS YAS YAS ❤️ We’re gonna celebrate with a WHOLE SERIES of Pride Inspired posts, so be on the lookout for those this month!

Whether you’re queer or an ally, it’s a month of celebration, reflection, and of proudly and defiantly LURVING yourself JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! We’re talking SO MANY EVENTS, and babes you have never SEEN a parade so colorful and joyous as a Pride Parade! LET ME TELL YOU, it’s done up REAL GOOD! And that’s how it should be! Pride is, and always will be, massively IMPORTANT.

While it’s easy to get lost in the glitter, fun, and major inspo, there are moments in history that we have to remember and never forget (I’ll talk more about the origins of PRIDE tomorrow!). Though the LGBT civil rights movement has come a long way, we are still far from TRUE freedom, equality and acceptance! Never forget those we’ve lost to hate crimes, terrorism, and HIV/AIDS, never forget the young kids and adults still struggling for acceptance from their familIes or even from themselves.

At the same time though…let your freak flag fly! THERE IS A LOT TO CELEBRATE! So take care of each other, LOVE EACH OTHER, please try your hardest never to JUDGE ONE ANOTHER and have a safe and BEAUTIFUL PRIDE BABES!

XO – Victoria

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