SUPPP StelloGirls !? I missed you girlies 😉 It’s Shachi here with a do-it-yourself !!! YASSS I love me some DIY’s 😀

If there’s one thing that you girlies should know about me, it’s that I LURV changing my hair color. Mostly I like to dye the ends of my hair (like just the tips). That’s because apparently your hair can get super damaged when you color it too much. But sometimes you want to go reallll CRAY CRAY and dye your WHOLE head full of color !! Ya feel me? I KNOW I’m not the only one who gets the urge to do this!

Well, get excited because I found out there’s an AMAZING solution for this ! YASSSSS. And it’s called … HAIR CHALK. In case you missed the hair chalk craze and have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s literally what it sounds like. You know the kind of chalk you use at school to write on the board ? Or the kind you use to color on the sidewalk outside your house? Well it’s the same kind of thing but for your hair. AHHHHHH how did I not know about this before? BLESS whoever came up with this. GENIUS.

So basically this means that you can now color your hair SILLLY and then just wash it out whenever you want! No damage. Not permanent. LOTS OF FUN. So obvi I picked up some hair chalk for myself and started off my morning with some COLOR. YAS. I went ALL OUT. Normally I like to color my hair based on my mood. So if I’m feeling kind of angry or mad I go for RED or BLACK. Like BOOM. And if I’m feeling real sweet and cute I go for a pastel color. Today I just felt H A P P Y and freeee 😀 So I opted for THREEE colors!!! Turquoise, lime green and purple. Ohhhh yeah ;)) All you gots to do is take the pieces of your hair that you want colored and rub the chalk on it. You’ll see the effects right away – instant gratification 😀

I decided to start the top off with the turquoise, then blend in some electric green and finally finish it off with some pastel purple. MMMMMM I’M SO INTO THIS LOOK <3 Also- I did my friend’s hair (see in my collage) – she’s a blondie and didn’t want to go too cray- so we just did the ends with some electric blue and then she matched her lips with the same color. SO DOPE.
Tell me all your thoughts on this please <3 LOTS OF LURV from me to you gurlz. xoxoxo- SHACHI

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