Hi girls! Adi here! Remember a couple months ago when I told ya’ll how I backed that amazing Kickstarter campaign from RebelGirls? NO? Let me refresh your memory. I found this AMAZING campaign where the creators wanted to make a book called “Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls”. It was all about this KICKA$$ women throughout history, or as they put it – “100 stories about courage and determination!”

Well of COURSE that sounded PERFECT for us here at Stellogirls! And I just found out it has become the most funded book on Kickstarter or IndieGoGO EVER -talk about GIRL POWER!

Recently it shipped and I was like basically waiting in front of my mailbox for my book to arrive! And OMG WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT! I mean LOOK how gorgeous that book cover is!!!


And I love the smell books and I gotta tell you, this books smells just RIGHT (Don’t laugh…I KNOW some of you know what I’m talking about!!). It came with a whole BUNCH of cool items: 2 posters, temporary tattoos, and a coloring book. So much LURV!


I immediately started reading and was too excited not to SHARE with you! CHECK IT OUT!


Well girls, let me know what you think! Got inspired and want your own? Get a copy at Rebel Girls, order by December 14th to receive yours in time for Christmas!