HOLA CHICAS! It’s your boo Susana here! Day TWO of 2017 and I am not wasting a second of the new year! This is gonna be a total GIRL POWER year I can just FEEL IT! We got knocked down in 2016 but it’s only made us stronger and brought us together! I can’t WAIT to see what girls do in 2017 cus I know it’s gonna be straight up FIERCE!!

Music has ALWAYS been what I turn to for EVERYTHING! To get me through tough times, to celebrate my accomplishments, to gather inspiration! So of COURSE I had to make a Good Vibes Playlist for 2017!! I filled it with my FIGHT SONGS that really get me MOTIVATED because we’re gonna need a lot of that this year! 

2017 is gonna be a year for DANCING, FRIENDS, and FIGHTING FOR WHAT’S RIGHT! Check out my equally SICK playlist!

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What are YOUR fight songs that keep you going and fill you with FIRE?! Let me know in the comments!!