Midori here! You ALL know I’m Adi’s pet bunny right?!¬†Well what you DON’T KNOW is that I’m obsessed with all things GLITTER…because…of COURSE I am :D! It’s one of my favorite things, second only to snacks! YUM.

Today I was hopping around Adi’s room while she read one of her MANY books and something shiny caught my eye! I followed the glittery trail and look what I found! GLITTER CANDLES! Amaze! They are so dreamy and completely perfect for a New Year’s Eve party (aka My FAV holiday!)!!!

Wanna know what’s even MORE amaze about these? Adi made them herself! THAT’S RIGHT! My girl is crafty AND smart AND gorgeous! TRIPLE THREAT! Alrighty girlies, gonna go find me some snacks!

XOXO – Midori