Hola CHICAS! It’s your girl SUSANA! I am FINALLY on Winter Break from school and even though I would LURV nothing more than to relax and have a total ME day I’ve still got SO MUCH TO DO! I’ve got rehearsals, dance class, and OF COURSE – I need to do TOOOONS of shopping before XMAS!

Most people are TERRIFIED of hitting up the mall during XMAS, there are SO many people frantically running around, grabbing anything in sight – and the sales are INSANE. But don’t be too concerned about me girlies, I train ALL YEAR for this mad shopping seasons. I was BORN FOR THIS.

Little tip girlies, before going out shopping, get your GLAM INSPIRATION ON! AKA watch a movie that features the style you love, for me this includes Clueless and Marie Antoinette, duh! I also LURV flipping through the works of great artists and photographers. One of my ALL TIME FAVS is David LaChapelle.

quote_beyonce-1A couple of years ago I stumbled onto one of his photo books, the cover  totally caught my eye. Flipping through it gave me such a SHOT of energy! Everything is so bright and just a TOTAL fantasy. It’s mesmerizing. It’s called LaChapelle Land which is like the PERF name because it TOTALLY transport you into the world of LaChapelle!

Shoutout to the photographs featuring young Leonardo DiCaprio. Just LOOK at little baby Leo and tell me you’re NOT in love!

6a39cfe7-97d2-4f32-a2eb-10ce60b56c37Check out this BAD#*$ fortune teller, this photograph is called “Guinevere’s Crystal Ball” I mean COME ON! That hair … those nails … is this #STELLOSTYLE or WHAT!? She’s giving me some serious #goals right now looking like some sort of color blasted mermaid! YAS.


LaChapelle’s photography is influenced by Baroque painters as well as artists like Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali. It’s like an update on that classic style, with an in-your-face mix of pop culture like BOOM! His work gives me LIFE!


9f9b16b5-3c67-44b1-80ec-ae67268b389fDYING TO KNOW, what do you girlies think of his work? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO – Susana