Hi hi girls, it’s Adi here! I finally took the plunge and bought myself a “real” CAMERA! I’m SO EXCITED!! I’ve always loved photography and growing up I had an old point-and-shoot camera I dragged around with me EVERYWHERE! You can do a LOT with an Iphone these days but it’s not the same as feeling the weight of a camera in your hands and getting to take those truly BREATHTAKING photos!¬†

After doing some research and interrogating EVERY photographer and blogger I know I decided on the Canon Rebel T6! I honestly can’t stop playing with it! I was actually a little nervous about buying a DSLR because I didn’t want to be seens as one of THOSE girls that just buys a nice camera and automatically assumes she’s a photographer or something. But like, that’s so stupid! I don’t consider¬†myself a photographer because I have a nice camera…I consider myself a photographer because I LURV photography! LOL, that’s right. I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER! I might not be very good right now, but I’ll practice, I’ll learn, and I’ll get better. Everyone will have their own opinion about whether they love or hate it too! But just because I’m not going to let their opinions stop me from pursuing something I love! At this point I’m just really excited to learn, and hopefully I can find a few PROFESSIONAL photographers to teach me some tricks!

What do you think girlies? What are your FAV photography tricks and do you call yourself a photographer? Why or why not?

XOXO – Adi