What UP GIRLIES!!! Shachi here! Is it just me or has this seemed like the LONGEST. MONTH. EVER. So much has happened and most of it has been NOT GREAT! THANKFULLY it’s BASICALLY February, or as I call it The Month of LURV! This year ESPECIALLY it’s important to me to spread the LURV EVERY SINGLE DAY! Maybe it’ll be just a smile, or a cupcake, or a spontaneous dance party, I just know I’m gonna do everything I can to spread a little joy in February! 

IDK why most people think you need a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day!! I’ve never had a bf on Valentine’s Day and yet it’s one of my FAV HOLIDAYS! ALL kinds of love should be celebrated, NOT just the romantic kind! I LURV throwing a Galentine’s Day party EVERY YEAR! I go ALL OUT because I LURV MY SQUAD – DUH! Female friendships need to be CELEBRATED! YAS YAS YAS!

So OBVS I gotta start planning my party NOW! I have a couple ideas already like I know I MUST MUST MUST have these adorbz little cakes from our FAV ice cream place in New York!


I also NEED these balloons in my life. Not even just for the party, just for DAILY USE!

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TOO CUTE RIGHT?! Anyway this is what I’m going to be building my Galentine’s Day Party around! But I’m STILL LOOKING for more goodies and decorations! I’ll share them with you as I find ’em!  

AND just a reminder, ANYONE can be a STELLOGIRL! You are ALL WELCOME HERE! No matter your gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, favorite sports team, we ARE HERE FOR YOU! 

XOXO – Shachi