Hola Chicas it’s your boo SUSANA HERE💋!!!! I had the most AMAZE weekend with my squad celebrating the BEST Holiday ever….FRIENDSGIVING! YAS YAS YAS🙌! I gotta say I LURV that Friendsgiving is now WIDELY celebrated💖! Friends deserve their own holiday… IDK about you girlies, but I choose my friends carefully and they’re RIDE OR DIE GALS – so basically they’re FAM! 👯

I LURV playing hostess because I get to do everything just the way I want. And you already KNOW that I do dinner up BIG! MIAMI STYLE. YAP. This Latina knows what is UP. LOUD AND PROUD! 😍

Let’s be real, I’m no Justine, but can I throw a party or WHAT!?!? Check it out in the collage below! I know, not exactly TRADITIONAL Thanksgiving … but HEY, where I come from flamingos and pink are always acceptable. And what goes better with a pink flamingo than a CUPCAKE!? OK lol so it’s not pumpkin pie but it’s EXACTLY what me and my squad lurv! And that’s what Friendsgiving is all about! 😜

So HAPPY FRIENDSGIVING to all the amaze friends, especially to my StelloGirls! Where would I be without you? I know the holidays can be UBER stressful with your fam…but with your friends it’s nothing but FUN😍. And we all need a little more fun in our lives! Share your FRIENDSGIVING pics with us @Stello_Girls! 💖💖💖

XOXO – Susana