I’m one of those girls that LOVES jewelry and buys a ton of it but ALWAYS forgets to wear it! Does that ever happen to you? I have drawers just FULL of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc that I LOVE and still think are so beautiful but I just, for the life of me, CANNOT REMEMBER TO WEAR! I’m a terrible accessorizer, but that’s okay. Because admitting it is the first step in recovery to being a FAAAAAAABUlous accessorizer! I feel like I’m already getting better and a LOT of that has to do with these trendy new earrings I bought from Baublebar!

I was doing some innocent online window shopping, not intending to actually BUY anything when I saw these bright, fringe-y earrings and I knew I just HAD TO HAVE THEM! They just SCREAMED SUMMER STELLO and I mean…how could I pass them up?! Bright tassels are such a TREND right now, and after wearing these babes out just ONCE I can already tell why. I was wearing these with my standard black leggings and a t-shirt outfit and people were stopping me on the street to tell me how much they loved my earrings! HELLO, I could do that ALL DAY ‘ER DAY!!!

They’re also really light so my untrained ears aren’t sore five minutes into wearing them! My FAV thing about these too is how when I flip my hair the tassels bounce around merrily and it’s honestly just like the funnest experience wearing a pair of earrings! I may be officially an ACCESSORIZER now! LOVE IT!

What do you think girlies? Are you a big jewelry wearer? Which are your GO TO pieces?

XO – Adi

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