Greetings GIRLIES! So as y’all know, earlier this week I started my FIRST EVER juice reset! You can read all about that HERE! Well I finished up YESTERDAY and this morning when I woke up I was feeling THE GLOW! It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! Did I break my juicing at all…well….okay maybe ONCE! But what? Like I’m NOT gonna eat the ghirardelli square someone handed out in class?! PLZ. Anyway, other than THAT LITTLE FLUB everything went AMAZE!

 Lemme check in with my goals for how I wanted this reset to go!

  • Reset my appetite, get away from the junk food!
  • Get rid of bloating
  • Get my energy back!

OKAY. SO. How did I do?
Reset my appetite, YAS KWEEN I DID! At any given time I’m probably thinking about what my next meal is gonna be, so during the entirety of my reset I was like OOOOOH what is the FIRST THING I’m gonna eat when this is over? I thought my body would be craving some extra cheesy pizza or something like that but actually…NOPE! I’m not craving that noise! I actually wanted to keep this juicey feeling going and only eat LIGHT n’ fluffy things! IDK EXACTLY what that means but you know the feeling!

Did I banish the bloating? A little bit! I’m sure if I did an actual cleanse that water bloat would be flushed out, but I actually don’t care that much since the MAIN GOAL here was to reset my appetite!

Is my skin glowing? Sadly…no. That’s tots fine though cus I got some pretty fine highlighters that will get that glow on all on it’s own!

Got that energy back and do I FEEL GOOD?! HELL YEAH I DO! It feels AMAZE not to be bogged down by all the nasty processed food I was eating! Like how I said I only want to eat light and fluffy things it’s because I FEEL light and fluffy!

Interested in doing your own little reset or even a full cleanse?? Here are some TIPS & TRICKS to make your juicing a success!

  1. Try and drink your juice BEFORE you get hungry!! Once that hunger strikes it’s gonna be a bajillion times harder to stick to your cleanse!
  3. Do not, I repeat do NOT do any strenuous activity! I would even avoid leaving the house if possible! Basically if you’re gonna sweat, don’t do it!
  4. Add in more juice. So I only did two actual juices a day but when I do this again I’m gonna double that dosage so it’s FOUR juices a day, plus those ginger shots, and the soup! Those ginger shots really light a fire under your butt! GOTTA HAVE ‘EM!
  5. Tell everyone what you’re doing! This is an easy one in the age of instagram, but like telling your friends what you’re doing and your goals makes you less likely to give up on ‘em! This goes for ALL YOUR GOALS! In school, love, work, whatever! Share your goals! Put ‘em out there in the world!!

I actually had a LOT of fun doing this and 10/10 WOULD TRY AGAIN!!!! Go out there and GET YOUR JUICE ON!

What do you think girlies? Would you ever try a Juice Cleanse?

XOXO – Rachael

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