WHATS UP GIRLZ, it’s Shachi here. HAPPY FASHION FRIDAY Y’ALL!! Lemme tell ya … I am FEELIN myself today. Question. You ever got that good hair but NOTHING to WEAR!?! GARGH. I thought I was in for a terrible day of great hair but boring outfit when SURPRISE this package arrives from NEW YORK CITY! It was an early XMAS gift from StelloGirl Justine! That girl…I swear, she’s basically magic.

I tore it open because I was STARVED at the time and assumed it was some kind of edible goodie but it was EVEN BETTER THAN FOOD!

Last time I was in NY the squad and I hit up one of our FAV stores – 3NY in Soho – it’s a deliriously REDONKULOUS shop filled with one of a kind designer goodies. It’s straight up the cutest, funkiest shop in NY. It’s MEGA loud and colorful, so naturally, I fit right in 😉

I had my eye on this one jacket that I was obsessing over, but I had already spent TOO much money and couldn’t get it. Devastating. I was so upset that I had to find ice cream afterwards for comfort.  

CUT TO: this morning me opening up the box and finding the EXACT SAME JACKET INSIDE! AAAAAAH! I’m freaking out I’m so happy! I legit SCREAMED when I opened it. It’s SO SO SO MEEEEE!!! It has patches, studs and an all around BOSS ATTITUDE. YAS YAS KWEENS. Also did I mention it’s the perfect piece for this LA weather right now. I wrap myself up in it and feel like a total BADA$$$. And… THAT IS exactly what a jacket SHOULD DO – oh and keep you warm and all 😉  

29adbaaf-1901-4904-a426-02e4a70e5782a97332cd-3317-4d98-8a1a-e274f92d78ffa0fc494c-a799-4554-ab0b-812433ca9db4efaf12c9-514d-4541-a9a8-ca7551c55c7bBIG smooches to 3NY- we HEART U, and even bigger SMOOCHES to Justine. GURL… I can’t even.

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XOXO – Shachi