What UP New York!? TELL ME BOO, why do you do this to me? I am seriously NOT FEELIN this polar vortex. It’s SERIOUSLY COLD. Only 3 things are getting me through my frozen walks to the subway.

A) Making use of my thigh-high boots (which keep me surprisingly warm)
B) My winter coat, in a gorgeous light blue hue which makes me instantly happy when I put it on
C) My new GORGEOUS leather purse (which was CUSTOM made for me). YAS to custom stuff!! It makes us feel all special!

A couple months ago I sat down with Jan – the FAB designer of the bag. The name of her brand is Manon Océane which is a FRENCH name, so I had a suspected we’d get along great. We chatted about my personal style, I really wanted something simple and classic but also something that felt unique and gave off STRONG vibes. No mass production feels please! It felt like Jan totally got me and I had a good feeling about the turnout. I couldn’t wait to see Jan’s creation!

CUT TO about a month ago when I got this BAD BOY in the mail!


LURV at first sight. I’m obsessed with its simplicity, the way it goes with literally ANY outfit and how the metal ring makes it feel like I’m holding jewelry. But my FAV part is that it’s custom made to what I WANT. And let’s be real I LOVE GETTING WHAT I WANT! Hehe.

fullsizerenderTo me this one’s a keeper girlies but wanna know hear your thoughts in the comments!

XOXO – Justine