Happy HAPPY FRIDAY GIRLIES!!! It’s YOYO here and what a WEEK! I felt like I had such a good ENERGY this week, getting stuff done and feeling AMAZE! Plus things are only going to get better! I know a lot of you are on Spring Break (either the beginning or the end of it), what did you get up to? What is your FAV Spring Break memory?! I WANNA KNOW! 

Today while out and about I saw the SWEETEST LITTLE flower cart!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL and I felt instantly transported to some little street in Paris or something! It was such a delicate, old world sight, IDK it was just insanely dreamy! 

It’s FINALLY getting warmer and so OBVS I gotta take advantage of it! I’m gonna be lounging up on my roof ALL DAY today! I got my laptop and some La Croix so who knows, maybe I’ll never come down!! HA! I love coming up here to work, do some writing, do some shopping, looking over the city and just being grateful for this INCREDIBLE life I have!!


XOXO – Yoyo