I LOVE being on vacation because I do things I LOVE to do….but wouldn’t normally do, like hitting up the FARMERS MARKET! Today was a BEAUT sunny day in the Napa Valley and the PERF excuse to stroll through the park and buy some flowers and local produce….and of course a HUUUUUUGE BAG of kettle corn! Cuz like WHY NOT !!??! Major YUM!!

I never leave a market without buying some flowers!! The lady who sold them to me was so sweet, and has a serious flower obsession. She told me a lil secret! Apparently Spring  flowers are more fragrant than Summer flowers, WHO KNEW!? I didn’t!

That’s part of the charm of hitting up a Farmers Market, getting to know the vendors and seeing their passion and excitement over their products.

ALSO BABES, did you get a look at THIS DRESS I’m rocking! LIKE. OMG. First of all, it’s VALENTINO! Absolute DREAMZ. Let’s keep it 100, the only reason I get to wear this beautiful thing is thanks to RENT-THE-RUNWAY! I know I promised you girlies a full post on the service soon, and I haven’t forgotten! Look out for that new week.

BACK TO THE DRESS….the colors are poppin and the stripes are so whimsical it’s literally the perfect summer dress! The only downside is that there is no stretch to the dress, and I had to STUFF my boobs into it! LOL! #BigBoobProblems, the struggle is VERY real. WORTH IT THOUGH because it’s so beautiful. I’m serving up some serious Parisian Carnival realness, ya feel?

Anyway babes, I had a beautiful morning and I hope you did too!

XO – Shachi

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