Hey! It’s the StelloGirls, with some KICK A$$ news! We’re bringing girl empowerment to MISS UNIVERSE 2017! That’s right! This month we’re all about #EmpoweringMissU. Meaning MAJOR Girl Power REVOLUTION!

The pageant is being held in the Philippines this year and Yoyo’s heading over to interview all the KWEENS from around the world! Girlies this is a call to action, what do YOU want to know about the contestants?!? Send us your questions in the comment section to be featured!

We are BONKERS excited that we have this opportunity to spread GIRL EMPOWERMENT through Miss Universe! The 2017 contestants are straight up FIERCE! Are YOU ready to get to know the girls behind the crown?! They might just surprise you! Don’t know bout you but I’m high key LIT!

Trust us…you do NOT want that #FOMO

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P.s. We’re doing our own #MissStello competition. Are you READY?! Deets to come!
And don’t forget to watch MISS UNIVERSE LIVE on Sunday Jan 29th on FOX!

XOXO – Stellogirls