I firmly believe that ALL situations can be made better with cookie dough. Had a bad day? Feel better with cookie dough! Having a great day? MAKE IT BETTER WITH COOKIE DOUGH! It’s a mega mood-booster with only one draw back….you’re apparently NOT SUPPOSED to eat raw cookie dough! WHOOPS. Sorry ‘bout it.

Thankfully it’s 2017 and we’ve discovered the formula for Egg-Free EDIBLE COOKIE DOUGH! WOOHOO! Don’t @ me salmonella, ain’t nobody got time for you! I finally tried out a recipe for myself it’s easy peasy, and totally delicious! Now you don’t have to pretend you’re making cookies just for the dough, clearly dreams DO COME TRUE!

I used THIS recipe to get my cookie dough on, and while the dough part turned out DELICIOUSLY (I actually ate about half the bowl before pressing them into the bars, no regrets), I somehow messed up my FROSTING?! WHAT. GIRL, how did you do that, it’s literally just melting chocolate. #FACEPALM. I suspect maybe I didn’t melt it long enough or I used too much heavy cream? I’ll try it again because you know…practice makes perfect!

ALSO something important to remember, it’s not just raw eggs that can make you sick, the flour can get to you also! SO safety first girlies and toast your flour before you use it! For instructions on that see this real helpful guide! It also adds a nice little toasty flavor. YUM!

This recipe was so tasty and I can’t wait to experiment and see what else I can create! Maybe I’ll use some brown-butter? Maybe some cookies n’ cream cookie DOUGH?! AAAAH! POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Tag me in your cookie dough pics girls, I wanna see that deliciousness!

XO – Justine

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