G I R L Z! What up, it’s YOYO! Happy FASHION FRIDAY!!!¬†Statement earrings are BACK and BETTER THAN EVER! I LURV a bold accessory in any form and I’m so happy to have the trend return to earrings, especially because that means I can whip out THESE bad boys!

That’s right honey, I’m a GOAL digger! LOL! I get such a kick out of these earrings because whenever people see them they have to do a DOUBLE TAKE to make sure they read them right. They’re a little heavy so I can’t wear them ALL day, but it’s totally worth it to wear them for a couple hours!

I love stuff like this that FLIPS the trope, takes something that is usually a nasty thing said about women and turns it into something EMPOWERING! Plus they’re fresh as HELL, jazz up ANY outfit! YAS YAS YAS! Make sure you’re setting GOALS for your life and then CHASE AFTER THEM with EVERYTHING you got!

So this season go BOLD GIRLIES! With your EARRINGS and with your GOALS!!! 

XOXO – Yoyo