HAPPY FRIDAY, WHATS UP GIRLZ?! It’s your bae Shachi here!!! It’s a BEAUTIFUL Friday in NYC and today just felt like a BATH BOMB DAY! YAS YAS YAS! Technically I think EVERYDAY should be a bath bomb day but…you know…WHO CAN AFFORD IT?! LOL.

This white bath bomb may not LOOK like much from the outside, (compared to some of the more EXTRAVAGANT colored ones I’ve tried like the Experimenter and Intergalactic) but when I heard it was called a Dragon’s Egg I just HAD to try it out! And IT. WAS. LIT. Call me Daenerys cus I felt like the MOTHER OF DRAGONS sitting in this citrusy, fizz whirlpool! It didn’t dissolve as quickly as some of Lush’s other bombs, but it did crackle, pop, and have a GORGEOUS golden surprise in the center!!!

As an added bonus there is a TON of glitter packed into this little guy so when I stepped out of the tub my skin was silky smooth and I felt like I was ACTUALLY GLOWING! 

The only downside for me was that when the Dragon’s Egg was finished dissolving the water in the tub was like a murky yellow? NOT suuuuper cute but hey, at least it smelled good!

OBVS because there is glitter you’re gonna have a ring in the tub when you’re done but hey, WORTH IT ALWAYS!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone and let me know what are your FAV Bath Bombs? Tell me in the comments!

XOXO – Shachi