Hello hello beautiful girlies! Victoria here! FINALLY done with summer school (aced it CHA-BOOM!) but with only a few weeks left of summer it feels like I didn’t even get a chance to vacay 🙁 BUT I’ve finally got some time on my hands and I’m gunna use it wisely!!!

One of the things I LURV doing during the summer is grabbing some juice and heading out to watch the sunrise! I realized I was buying a LOOOOOOOOOT of juice and even though I ALWAYS recycle (#DUTY) …. The plastic was starting to add up! EEEK! Never good! SO what’s the solution!?


Oh yassssss –SOOOOO I started making my own easy, raw vegan juices that also have these GREAT benefits like making your skin look brighter and boosting your immune system!! I want. I want. I want. PLUS -they are TOTALLY delish and I get to cut back on my carbon footprint! BOOM. You girlies KNOW I gotta keep it vegan, all day EVERYDAY…but I also GOTS to treat my tastebuds! None of that bland vegan junk for me! I’m all about the FLAVOR baby 😀


So I’ve got, COUNT ‘EM, 2 recipes to share with you that I am TOTES obsessed with!!! You need a juicer. If you don’t have one call up your squad, call the whole neighborhood, heck throw a BYO-JUICER PARTY! But you NEED this in your life!

Check out my collage, how REFRESHING IS THAT?! AW YESH.

I like to squeeze the juices separately, so that I can mix and match and save some for later if need be! PLUS it’s fun to taste the juices separately so you can make up your own creations!

So the recipes I’m sharing with you are for a Health Booster to keep up your immune system! VERY important for when school starts. And Sunshine For Your Skin to give you that VACAY GLOW! I don’t usually measure the amount of juice I use for each one, I just do whatever I like! If I need something more SWEET I add more apple or melon juice and if I’m feeling a more sour vibe I’ll add more lemon! IT’S UP TO YOU! Just remember to wash, peel, and (CAREFULLY) chop everything first!

Health Booster

For the Health Booster <3 juice: apples, carrots, ginger, lemon (if you like it you can add oranges too!). Put the washed, peeled and cut pieces in your juicer and OFF YOU GO! :))  Be careful with the ginger, you just need a SMALL piece and it’s REALLY easy to overdo it. You can always add more your juice later if you like it with a KICK!

Sunshine for your Skin

For the Sunshine for your Skin <3 juice: carrot, apples and cantaloupe melon. Put the washed, peeled and cut pieces in the juicer and switch it ON!

It’s THAT easy! Now do you see why I do this EVERYDAY?! I DEF feel the benefits, and I’m ALWAYS looking for more juice recipes! Let me know your FAV juices in the comments and share your creations on insta with #STELLOGIRLS! – XOXO Victoria