GIRLS. Rachael here with a Science DIY. YAS. When I just starting to play around with science projects I started off making some


They’re super fun to make and MAD mesmerizing when finished. I still like to make them today, because the whole process, from making to post production makes me feel at peace.

My FAV part is watching the way the cloud (AKA foam) fills up with rain (AKA colored liquid), then the cloud releases the rain abd BOOM you tons of flowing liquid designs in all shapes, spreading at different speeds. SO DREAMY. My head feels calm when I watch the little squiggly shapes filling up the jar, and in a way, my creativity is sparked. Suddenly my brain fills with new ideas for experiments.


SO I’m here to share this quick, easy and SUPER fun DIY science project for you budding GIRL scientists out there. So if you’re one of those little SUPER girlies that LURV sciencey stuff, this one’s FOR YOU!

You’re gunna need:

  • Shaving cream (get the cheap kind)
  • A jar or glass
  • Water
  • Colored liquid (just mix water with food coloring in color of choice. OR use pink lemonade, I mean who DOESN’T like strawberry clouds!?)
  • Some straws or a dropper come in handy too!

What you’re gunna do:

Fill your jar with water (about half way) then spray some shaving cream on top. Use your dropper to drop the colored liquid on top of the foam. Repeat this until your cloud “breaks” and then just sit back, clear your mind and watch the rain fill your jar. BEAUT.

Let me know if you like! Do you like these experiments?

And please DO tag @stellogirls on IG if you make these bad boys!

XOXO- Rachael