Hello LOVIES! New York Fashion Week was mega cool. I spent the past week checking out new collections, photographing the shows, hanging with my girlies and hunting for new fashion trends! After a week of careful observation, I can say for sure that there was one QUEEN trend that outranked all the others, and she is …. The CHOKER. It is my personal belief that chokers can only benefit an outfit and look good on virtually everyone.

I myself have been sporting chokers for the last three years! But they didn’t always receive the TLC that they’re getting nowadays. Now I’m seeing chokers everywhere and on everyone! Pink chokers, chiffon chokers, thick chokers, thin chokers… it was a choker party All. Week. Long. I swear yesterday I even saw my mom wearing choker, and I was like …. Since when!?

So obvi I thought this was the perfect opportunity for a dope do-it-yourself. I’m going to show you girlies how you can make some chokers at home! Making them at home is way more fun and lets you customize your neckwear so that it’s one of a kind! And, ummmm… who wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind choker?!
So let’s get to it!

Here’s a list of what you’re going to need. You should hit up a crafts store around your area — I’m sure you can find all of these things in one location:
1. Gold clamps
2. Gold chain extender
3. Lobster clasp
4. Single ring (I took mine off the gold chain extender)
5. Extra customizing items (like a badge or a button)
Oh and you’re also going to need some pliers and the fabric you end up choosing.

1. The first thing you’re going to do is cut the ribbon so that it fits according to the size of your neck. To make sure you have the right length, take the ribbon or fabric that you chose and wrap it around your neck, making sure it’s snug: you want your choker to have a tight fit. Once you’ve found the ideal length, cut the ribbon.
2. Take one end of the ribbon and make a small fold at the end, then slide the folded fabric into one of the gold clamps. Use your pliers to secure the clamp onto the end of the fabric. Then do the same thing on the other side of the ribbon.
3. Remove one ring off of the gold chain extender. You can do this by twisting the ring open with the pliers.
4. Connect the lobster clasp to one of the gold clamps by using the free ring from step 3. Once you’ve connected the two, secure it by closing the free ring with the pliers.
5. Then twist open the outermost ring of the gold extender, but this time do not detach it from the gold extender. Instead you should leave it linked and hook it onto the other gold clamp, and close it with pliers.
And that’s it – you’ve got yourself a choker ! -Take a look at #6 -that’s what it should look like in the end!

Justine and I got real crafty making these chokers! As you can see she’s wearing some of our favs – we made a bunch but chose the 3 that we thought you’d like best! The first one is a medium sized, black velvet choker. It’s super neutral and goes well with all outfits (I’m serious). It’s also one of the trendiest chokers currently out there. Everyone’s rocking it. The second choker is super minimalistic, nude colored, and chic. We love it –especially for the gurls who aren’t used to donning chokers — this is an easy one for first-timers to introduce into their wardrobes. The last choker is dedicated to the guuurrls who crave a little more drama in their look. It’s thick, stretchy, midnight-blue velvet.

I wanted to customize my chokers a bit so I also snatched a couple of add-ons, which you can see in the image. Add-ons is the time to get expressive. Choose an add-on that means something to you, like your initials! I grabbed a silver skull, a gold military-style button, a red-lips button and a regal-style badge. I ended up choosing the badge because I thought the gold fabric with the velvet blue really meshed well. In case that wasn’t bold enough I decided to pair it with dark blue lips cause – why not!? I love to get my goth on!! SOOooo what do you gurlies think !?!

Which is your fav and what kind of choker would you want to make!?

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