Chicas! Yoyo here! I recently moved apartments … well by recently I mean like I moved almost a year ago LOL. But GIRL is BUSY and needless to say it’s taken me some time to fully nest. Don’t get me wrong, I quickly handled the essentials, like CUTE furry white pillows, Apple TV and a cheap dining room table from IKEA. Still, I couldn’t help but feeling like the apartment was missing SOMETHING.

The other day I was sitting in my living room staring at the wall and realized the missing puzzle piece – ART!! I was truly shocked when I realized that I had a total of ZERO wall decor in my crib. I’m so into visuals and YET …. Nada!

I discussed with my ROOMIE and we agreed that the walls needed HALP! And ASAP. My first instinct was to take the 20 minute ride to my go-to apartment haven -IKEA. They have everything and it’s affordable. But the trip there seemed DAUNTING. IDK about you girlies but whenever I’m done with a proper trip to IKEA my head is spinning from anxiety. So many people, so many options and HUGE check out lines.

Also, I often feel like whenever I find a gem in IKEA I’m later disappointed to find the same exact item in just about ALL of my friends homes. Like can a girl feel original these days or what !?!? Roomie and I agreed that we wanted something unique and colorful.

Fast forward to yesterday when I stumbled upon YELLOWKORNER. An art gallery that I never spotted before on my FAV street in Tel Aviv. And GUESS WHAT!?! It’s INTERNATIONAL and has an ecommerce store! AKA it may be time for YOU to splurge as well! Or just take a look at their site and snag some artspiration 😉

The gallery totes itself as “The Gallery For a New Generation of Collectors!” Well PERF, cus move over old gen, WE HERE! What I love about YellowKorner is that while you’re definitely going to drop some moola here, the pieces aren’t SO far fetched. If you plan and save accordingly, there’s a real option to become an art collector. I mean they’re no Rembrandts but like, LOL, I’M NOT THE MET, I don’t NEED a Rembrandt! And these pieces are equally GORG. I mean LOOK AT ‘EM!

The art is COLORFUL and leaves you with those FEEL GOOD vibes. Women are EVERYWHERE in these pieces. Strong, delicate, beautiful, intimidating, VIBRANT WOMEN! I am a FIRM believer that every house needs multiple art pieces showcasing the BEAUTY of women, do you agree?

Check out the pieces!! I got the Bigoudi Party # 2 photograph by Nicolas Bets and it’s EVERYTHING! LOL, what? You didn’t think I was gonna leave this glossy, pop-color heaven without taking something with me, did you?!  

Everything about this photo SPOKE to me!  The pink fur blanket, the Los Angeles 70’s vibe, the girls getting ready together, AND a rooftop in Paris!?! I AM SHOOK, this photo is GOALS! I opted for the smallest size, which happened to also be the cheapest option 😉

YAY OR NAY!?  Tell me in the comments! And BTW which is your FAV!?!

XOXO- Yoyo

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