Babes, I am LIVING for Zendaya’s clothing line! It’s androgynous, goes up to size 22, and everything is priced under $160! Zendaya truly is the people’s princess! Last year when she first introduced her new fashion line, Daya by Zendaya, girl was like “Boys will be rocking my heels too.” YAS MAMMA, SING It! The brand is instantly iconic for its sickening style and its inclusivity of all ages, shapes, and nationalities!

I wish more brands would embrace this vibe! Fashion should be self-expression that’s free from any “rules” telling you what you can and can’t wear. LABELS DON’T BELONG HERE! Fashion is way BIGGER THAN THAT! It’s about what makes you feel comfortable, what makes you feel confident!

Let’s keep it 100, shall we? Why should some employee I don’t even know, sitting up in some office somewhere get to decide that I’M  not allowed wear a shirt because it’s a “man’s shirt”! Or that a boy can’t wear a dress because it’s “not masculine”. SHOOT, to hell with that! The Scots have been kicking butt for thousands of years in skirts, so why the hell can’t some boy rock a dress if that’s what he wants!

It’s really encouraging to see a star like Zendaya go to bat for us! She really puts her money where her mouth is, and the girl can talk for miles about body positivity! And the fact that her clothing is super affordable is a WIN! She could easily mark her clothes up for hundreds of dollars and they would still SELL, but then it wouldn’t have the same positive impact it has when it’s super affordable.

GAH! Have I mentioned how much I LURV ZENDAYA!? Seriously, girls, I can’t wait to watch her SLAY in Spiderman: Homecoming.


XOXO – Alissa

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