Hi girls, it’s Adi! You know that feeling when you’re like TOTALLY STUCK creatively?! UGH so frustrating, I get that like ALL THE TIME! I’ve tried EVERYTHING to help shake loose the creativity but NOTHING seems to be working! I’ve gone on a walk, I’ve doodled, sulked, tried to dance it out…but I just CAN’T get started!

So what did I do? well FIRST I cleaned out my ENTIRE room! I wanted that new year vibe! New year, new beginning! SECOND I created a PROMPT list! Have you heard of one? A Prompt List is basically a list of words or sentences to help you get UNSTUCK! 

For example, maybe one of the words will spark an idea for a new character, or be the perfect description for a location! It helps take the focus off of being stuck and once your brain and movements start again you’re in that mode that’s like YES I CAN! And the creativity starts to FLOOOOOW! Basically you’ve TRICKED yourself into being creative! LOL, but hey…whatever works!

My list has been MAD helpful! It helps me form a creative habit so I’m writing EVERY day! I even taped the list in my diary AND up on my wall! Hope it helps you girls also! Let me know how YOU typically get unstuck!

Happy creating, girlies!

 XOXO – Adi