Namaste Girlies! It’s Victoria here, I am just gonna break down the color breathing exercise I went over in my vlog! This is truly the BEST way to reduce stress and it’s super simple!

Start off by getting into a comfortable position and RELAX. Breathe comfortable and deeply but keep the rhythm of your breathing natural and easy. Remember that your exhale should be twice as long as your inhale. (In 2 seconds: out 4 seconds). Now imagine yourself SURROUNDED by the color of your choice (more on that below)! As you breathe imagine the color FILLING YOU UP and spreading through your entire body. When you breathe out visualize the complementary color leaving your body. Aaaaah. So soothing. 


Red – Red is the color of love, passion, and ENERGY! It increases your strength and intensity. You should use red when you are exhausted and need an energy boost! The complementary color of red is green.

Orange – Orange represents affection and warmth. It’s a fun, joyful color! So you should use it when you’re feeling depressed or want to increase harmony in your life. The complementary color of Orange is Blue.

Yellow – Yellow is the color for optimism and hope! You want to use yellow if you’re ever in need of a little courage or confidence and really need those good vibes flowing! The complementary color to yellow is Purple

Green – Green represents youth, and health. Use green for healing when you’re feeling sick and rundown. The complementary color of green is red.

Blue – Blue is a color for tranquility, trust, and calmness. You should imagine blue when you need to clear your mind and caaaaaaalm down. It’s also great for increasing communication. The complementary color of blue is orange. 

Violet – Violet is the color of self dignity and respect. If you notice that you’re putting yourself down or you feel like you can’t achieve your goals THIS IS THE COLOR FOR YOU! The complementary color of violet is Yellow.

Color Meditation can REALLY help with WHATEVER problem you may be dealing with! Practice at it and use it as frequently as you need it! For me that’s basically everyday but I LURV getting my meditation on! 

For all my girlies out there who already meditate how does it work for you? What colors do you gravitate towards the most? Let me know! 

XOXO – Victoria