Hola Chicas!!! It’s your boo Susana!!! I hope everyone is already having an AMAZE week! We got FIVE DAYS until the Miss Universe Pageant! YASSSS! I always get crazy PROUD during events like this! Thankfully Colombia always does SUPER WELL at Miss Universe, because like…DUH. WE’RE GORGEOUS! LOL. Well…okay we’re all gorgeous but I’m a little biased towards my people!

Andrea Tovar is Miss Colombia this year and I’m SO EXCITED to see her take the crown on Sunday! That’s right, I SAID IT! Andrea is beautiful, funny, and a TOTAL RISK TAKER! She has a degree in Industrial Design and Photo Production so you KNOW she’s full of creativity! I love that she’s the type of person that will like randomly get up and start dancing, because I AM the type of person that will randomly get up and start SINGING! BASICALLY we’re a match made in heaven and should totally go on tour together! LOL!¬†

Make sure you watch Andrea and all the other MISS UNIVERSE ladies live Sunday, January 29th on FOX!

XOXO РSusana