HEY!!! It’s your girl SUSANA HERE! Did ya’ll catch Monroe’s Pet Adventure on Tuesday! Poor thing, she was so worried I was baking. NAAAH GIRLS. I know what my strengths are and baking is SOOOO not one of them :P! I’ll leave that to Stellogirl JUSTINE! Nah I decided that this Christmas I was gonna MAKE SOMETHING!!! So I made a DIY beauty product because that IS one of my strengths!

So TA-DAH! My Christmas Sugar Scrub that smells like GINGERBREAD! AMAAAAAAZE! It leaves your skin feeling soft and brand new! This recipe makes enough for TWO small mason jars so one to give as a gift and one for YOU!! ENJOY!


½  cup sugar
½  cup brown sugar
¼  cup coconut oil
¼ cup almond oil
Drop of vanilla extract
Little bit of ground cinnamon
Little bit of ground ginger
Little bit of ground nutmeg

Small mason-style jars with lid

Decorations Optional:
Christmas style ribbon
Label: either printed or handcrafted

How to:
Mix the dry ingredients together. Melt the coconut oil. Mix ALL the ingredients together. Scoop in the jar and decorate! BOOM. You’re done, it’s THAT EASY…which might be one of the reasons I choose this little project LOL!


So what do you think?! LURV IT OR WHAT?! Let me know in the commen
XOXO Susana