Hiya GALS. Rachael in da house <3  I could tell that some of u girlies LOVE FOOOOOD, just like me! Hahahha- I saw you gurls givin some lurv to my Dutch sprinkles post 😉 SO when I stumbled upon another Dutch delicacy I KNEW u girlies would be down. BTW don’t get it twisted …. Not all Dutch food is delicious –some of these Dutch people like REALLY strange stuff like RAW salted HERRING … and super SALTY licorice … seriously … WHY? WHY? When you offer an American licorice …

they ALWAYS expect it to be sweet … why so SALTY Amsterdam!!?

Sorry drifted off a bit there 😀 … back to the good stuff! This morning was super cold in the Netherlands (per-usual) so I grabbed a book and hit up a cute little café. I ordered a large coffee & it came in the cutest cup that said “wake up and make your dreams come true”- WITH a unicorn!! Inspired. These Dutch people GET me. I also got two wafer-like cookies on the side of my coffee which are basically caramel waffles. They’re called Stroopwafels – URMM – do you SEE how much DUTCH I’m learning 😉 Anyways these are major YUM YUM. You’re probs like ummm I’ve had a caramel waffle … they sell ‘em everywhere. NAYYYY – the ones in the Netherlands are BY FAR the most LEGIT.

If you never heard of this deliciousness lemme break it down for you: there are 2 layers of super thin waffles with a layer of caramel in the middle. Heaven. I saw all these people at the cafe cover their cups with their Stroopwafels so I was like OK && did the same. Apparently this is a “thing” that Dutch people do & LEMME TELL YA the cookie gets even better when you apply some heat! The caramel starts to melt, the cookie starts to soften up & it LEGIT becomes the most perfect treat for any rainy afternoon. I FINALLY cracked the code for how these people get through this crazy European weather- it seems caramel is always the answer 😉 I spent 3 hours alternating between reading and enjoying my treats – amaze!

What’s your favorite cookie?

Gotta dash, so curious what my next surprise will be! XOXO -Rachael!


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