Hello hello it’s your girl ADI here!!! MISS UNIVERSE IS TOMORROW!!! AHHH!!! I’ve been looking forward to this for MONTHS and it’s like FINALLY HERE! 

So WEIRDLY I’m totally rooting for Miss Canada and I’m not even FROM CANADA. I honestly couldn’t even help myself, Siera Bearchell is just the COOLEST GIRL! She’s like gold dust magical unicorn INSPIRATIONAL FEELS! 

OBVS Siera is super nice because she’s from GORGEOUS Canada! She’s also a runner, a law student, and a co-owner of an apparel company BUT she had me from the get go because Siera is a WARRIOR for body positivity! She has taken on all the trolls and body shamers that have tried to tear her down and it’s only made her STRONGER! She wants women around the world to be recognize that true beauty, validation, and self-worth start from WITHIN! She is CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL and she is a total HERO!


XOXO – Adi