I am about to give you the life hack of the CENTURY…and it’s not even a hack! BELIEVE IT OR NOT there used to be a time where the “Thank You” note reigned supreme in the world of etiquette. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well that’s probably because the art of writing a Thank You note has practically gone extinct. However, I’m here to BRING IT BACK! Here’s why!

A couple months ago I stumbled upon a set of ADORBZ Thank You cards in some random store! “When would I EVER use these?” I thought to myself, but they were $8 and too adorable to pass up so I bought ‘em and I promised myself that I would become the type of person that sent out Thank You cards! AND GIRLS, that’s just what I did! I started sending them out for EVERYTHING. My friends had me over for a BBQ, BOOM. THEY GET A NOTE. Someone gives me a gift, DUH, THEY GET A NOTE! Even my favorite teachers at the end of the school year GOT A DANG NOTE!

The shift was basically immediate, and not that I was some slob beforehand but after I sent out these cars I was like the CLASSIEST BROAD YOU’VE EVER MET! Like on par with the Queen of England in the minds of my Thank You note recipients! And for what? For jotting down something on a card, putting it in an envelope, slapping a stamp on it, and putting it in a mailbox? YAS BABE IT’S THAT EASY.

I know it’s a bit old fashioned to send HANDWRITTEN CARDS (yeah…they gotta be handwritten trust me on this one) but it’s SO WORTH IT! The unexpected side-effect of writing cards is how good it feels FOR YOU! Like now I’m just out here looking for excuses to write a Thank You card! I’m also obsessively buying different cards, hitting up Papaya whenever I get the chance, just turning into a GREETING CARD person in general!

If you’re looking for some to help me kickstart this trend back into the mainstream try some of ban.do’s SERIOUSLY PERFECT cards for all occasions!

What do you think girlies? Have I converted you into a Thank You Card writer?

XO – Susana

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