Hey girlies!! Soooo my cousin Sammy is getting MARRIED!! YAS YAS YAS!!!!! I freaking LURV weddings!! They make my toes tingle 😉 I went to the bridal shower yesterday and I cannot WAIT to DISH all about how FAB everything was!! Do you know what a bridal shower is BTW!? It’s like a mini celebration before the bride actually gets married (but really it’s just an excuse to get all girly, dress up and GIFT the bride GIFTTTT HER!!!!!) Heheheh. I’m really into giving gifts, I know it sounds weird but I think I like giving gifts EVEN more than receiving gifts – I just love wrapping up everything and seeing the person’s face when they open up their present like … 😀

Anyways back to the shower – it was SO cute. Let’s start off with the décor … how can I explain it? It was like winter wonderland meets floral meets hippie meets BRIDAL!!! So…. yeah… basically ALL of my FAVORITE THINGS 😉 I just LURV how everything was white && lace, white && lace, white && lace 😀 One of my FAV decorations was the bride’s chair – I mean LOOK how CUTE!!! I know I’m not a bride … so is it weird that I want this exact same chair!?!?

But let’s talk about the REAL showstopper … my cousin’s DRESS!!! Wow. Wow. Wow. Do you see the back of that thing!?! She for REALS looked like a snow princess! But luckily it wasn’t ACTUALLY snowing because she woulda been hella cold 😉 OBVI I also gotta send a big smooch to the flower crown she was rocking. I truly believe that flower crowns make the world go ROUND 😉 And this crown is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen – it was so delicate and it sat SO perfectly on her head – truly fit for a KWEEEEN <3

The party was SO dreamy!! We ate DELISH French toast for brunch, opened HUGE boxes of presents && played TONS of wedding-themed games. At one point we played this kind of trivia game where we asked Sammy and her fiancé the same questions. We recorded his answers before the party b/c there are NO boys allowed at bridal showers – DURR. So basically we would ask a question, Sammy would answer out loud and then we watched the video clip with the groom’s answers- to see if their answers matched. The questions all revolved around their relationship, like “where was your first date?” or “what were you wearing the first time you met?”- cute stuff like that! Every time their answers didn’t match, Sammy had to put a fresh piece of pink bubble gum in her mouth! It was HILARRRRIOUS because their answers didn’t match A LOT!!! So by the end of the game the poor girl had her WHOLE mouth filled with gum & she couldn’t even talk 😀 Ahhhh I just LURV wedding stuff … don’t you ? What do you think of my cousin’s KILLER bridal vibes? XXOOX- Victoria <3

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