Yoyo here! Girlies do u feel that #MAGIC in the air?! BOOM it’s Purim! YAS KWEENS. I’m in Tel Aviv and Purim celebrations have officially BEGUN. In case you girlies need the 411 on the most LIT Jewish holiday of them all, Purim is basically Halloween with a twist.

The Festival of Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people from the evil Haman. Haman wanted all the Jews to vanish. One of the most important reasons why Haman didn’t succeed in his E.P. (Evil Plans) was thanks to a brave babe named Esther. She married the King and convinced him to save her people. KWEENS UNITE.

They say that the Beauty of Esther is what saved the Jews. Over here we’re celebrating the#INNERBEAUTY that Queen Esther, the Queen of Kingdom Kush channeled.

Her energy gives us life. Women WERKIN since the dawn of TIME! Lols. The celebrations over here and around the world are IN.CRE.DI.BLE. There are carnivals, and parties and sweet treats sent in cute packages to friends. YAS friendz send me all them goodies!

And obvi we got COLORFUL COSTUMES!!! One of our FAV followers dressed up us as ME for Purim. YAS Booboo. He’s wearing a faux fur coat in baby blue. He’s SO GLAM I can’t EVEN. Our fans are out there breaking all kinds of stereotypes. Kweens Unite!

We come from EVERY background, from EVERY corner of the world and we can’t help but CELEBRATE it! Boys wear dresses, girls wear suits, we all rock WIGS. WE LOOK SICKENING IN EVERYTHING!

So continue to SLAY ALL DAY BABES, cus we LURV YOU!