ALOHA Girlies!!!! It’s ALISSA! PHEW, it’s just Tuesday but honestly it feels like this week has gone on FOREVER! IDK what it is, I’m having a hard time focusing and just getting stuff done! Every time I sit down to do my homework I just get overcome with the desire to be OUT SURFING in the ocean! I should probably just take my work with me to the beach and try and get it done there, because let’s face it – I’m practically useless without some sand between my toes!

I think it’s in my blood to be so beach crazy, IDK if you know this but my WHOLE FAMILY is from BRAZIL! THAT’S RIGHT GIRLIES!!! I may have been born in Hawaii but my parents never EVER forgot their roots, we even go visit my Aunt in Rio E V E R Y year! It’s like such a highlight to be able to go back and be welcomed by the culture AND the people!

So OBVS I’m rooting for my girl MISS BRAZIL in the Miss Universe Pageant! Let me tell you a little something about my girl Raissa Santana, this girl is NON-STOP! She’s a basketball player, a cook, and a college graduate with a degree in marketing! Raissa is also the FIRST black woman to be crowned as Miss Brazil in 30 YEARS! WHAT WHAAAAAT, YAS KWEEN! Like I LURV how diverse the Brazilian people are but DAMN it’s nice to see a sister wear the crown! LOL!

What do you girlies think about Raissa? Is she #GirlPower or what? If you’ve got any questions for her let us know! YOYO will be IN THE PHILIPPINES, THIS WEEKEND to hang with all the Miss Universe girlies AND ask them YOUR questions!

LET’S GO MISS BRAZIL!! Who are YOU hoping brings home the crown!?

XOXO – Alissa