Greetings girlies!!! It’s Rachael HERE and it is FINALLY THE WEEKEND!! More importantly, MY GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE LEGGINGS FINALLY CAME! AND everything you’ve heard about them is TRUE! They. Are. INCREDIBLE!

Okay girlies, you know I’m not usually a leggings person but here’s the scoop. If you haven’t heard of them already, Girlfriend Collective is AMAZING! Stellogirl Victoria told me about them because they make their leggings out of WATER BOTTLES! In the past nine months they’ve diverted over 6,000,000 water bottles from landfills, how incredible is that! Not only that but their leggings are the SOFTEST, most COMFORTABLE, and HIGHEST QUALITY leggings I have EVER bought! Like SERIOUSLY wearing them makes me feel like some sorta magical yoga unicorn or something! 

I feel confident when I wear them AND I feel good cus HEY! They’re good for the environment! It’s a WIN-WIN GIRLIES! 

OH, and did I mention they were F R E E!? YUP! This company cares so MUCH about creating a community of people that care about where their clothes come from that they gave away their leggings for FREE! You just have to cover the cost of shipping which is like $20, and given that most leggings are $100+ it is SUCH A STEAL!

I would wear these babies EVERY SINGLE DAY if I could and I cannot WAIT for Girlfriend Collective to open up their store in a couple months so I can buy ALL THE THINGS!!

DEFINITELY check ’em out girlies, and get yours HERE!