Hey girls, it’s little ol’ Bernie here! Justine has been busy all day so I’ve just been napping, exploring, cooking up some mischief, you know…just doing what I do best 😉

Meanwhile Justine has gone overboard on ORANGES. Like WHAT? Why doesn’t that girl ever do anything with FISH, can’t a cat catch a break? LOL. And those NUTS….is SHE nuts?! HA! Love my own jokes!

Anyway, since she’s been busy doing other stuff I started rolling around with those oranges. Turns out they are SUPER fun! They roll in strange directions and are purrrrr-fect for practicing my pouncing! I may have actually created a bit of a mess but Justine loves me anyway and gave me some nice cat foodies! Such a great human…I did get a stern look from her though after she what I’d done. Whoops! Hope she can still use them for her DIY this Saturday!!!


Bye girlsss, talk soon again during my next pet adventure 😀 STAY COOL, like me!

XOXO – Bernie