HOLA GIRLIES! Susana here! Did ya’ll hear about our EPIC team up with Miss Universe?! It’s like, SERIOUSLY?! #DREAMS! My FAV thing about this has got to be BLASTING all those stereotypes about beauty pageants and the girls that compete in them! Like “Oh, they’re gorgeous they must be STUPID.” HA HA HA, jokes on you cus some of these girls are WHIP SMART and got their eye on that education prize!

Let me introduce you to Miss Haiti, AKA Raquel Pelissier! This 25 year old BADA$$ is QUADRILINGUAL. That’s right girlies that means she knows FOUR (count ’em) languages! She LURVS to read and hit up museums and oh…did we mention Raquel has her MASTER’S DEGREE in Scientific Research?! What WHAAAAAT?! Right now she’s working on a research project on the regeneration of the optic nerve, hoping to find a cure for blindness. GIRL. GET. IT.

So who says there is any ONE WAY to be a girl, or only ONE WAY to be beautiful? I say…BE BOTH!

XOXO – Susana