Aloha girlies!! It’s Alissa here!! I just watched some of the footage from Yoyo’s #MISSUNIVERSE interviews!!! They are seriously SO CUTE I cannot wait for you all to see them! Be on the lookout, they should go out next week! I have a feeling though we’re gonna need some SERIOUSLY inspiring ladies to get us through this weekend, so MEET Dajana Dzinic, or MISS AUSTRIA as she’s known in some circles LOL!

Dajana is a student in her fourth year studying legal rights and jurisprudence! How AMAZE is that? I didn’t even know what jurisprudence is! I HAD TO LOOK IT UP (it’s the philosophy of law, btw :D)!

She does all that AND she works on humanitarian projects AND likes to ski, hike, swim, draw, like DAMN what CAN’T she do?! What I really LURV about Dajana though is her commitment to her career and her focus on showing that the modern woman is independent, and EDUCATED! So go out there girlies and BE BOTH! YOU GOT THIS!

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XOXO – Alissa