CHICASSSS. Susana & Justine coming at u from Barcelona. We both decided we’re moving here. Forever. JK but for reals though- GOALS. Today our post is gunnna be about a unique form of art – architecture. Mmmm maybe you’re like URRR architecture aint art! But if you have the RIGHT architect, then yes – it’s true art <3 Since we got to Barcelona alls we hear is GAUDI GAUDI GAUDI. These guys are lovin them some Gaudi!

Don’t know who the fella is? No problema, here’s what u need to know: Aiiiight so Gaudi is an UBER famous Spanish architect, born in Catalonia, with most of his work scattered around Barcelona.

The concierge at our hotel was a real Gaudi- expert, describing his work as the MOST extraordinary style of architecture we will ever see. She directed us on how to get to the street of one of the Gaudi buildings. When we asked how we’d know it was the building she laughed and said “You’ll know.” URRMMM she was totes right. The second we caught sight of the building, we knew right away. See the biggest image in our collage – that’s it !- Casa Batllo. Tell me this house isn’t out of a fairytale!? The truth is you just don’t see buildings like this. And suddenly we both realized why everyone is totally obsessed with GAUDIIII. We LURV him too!

So obvi our next stop was La Sagrada Familia, the brightest diamond of Gaudi’s work. AKA what he’s MOST famous for && also the project Gaudi spent most of his career on. It’s actually a Roman Catholic church and it’s considered Gothic architecture- with a Gaudi spin of course 😉 Check out the collage!! The top image shows the ceiling – STUNNING, right? And the image underneath is the church from the outside. It is so massively gorgeous and overwhelming when you stand in front of it. BTW this project is STILL in the works. Some say it’s only gunna be finished in 2030. DAMNNNNN that is a LONG time for a project. Dedication. We’re excited to come back when it’s all complete 🙂

We love Gaudi’s buildings but what we LURV even more is Gaudi’s spirit! During his life, his style of work wasn’t warmly accepted. Like most things that are outside of the norm, many people did not initially care for Gaudi. Regardless, he stayed true to himself. He followed his intuitions and he listened to his crazy imagination- which allowed him to achieve the eccentric and extreme style of architecture that he is now praised for. POINT IS DIS: Gaudi wasn’t afraid to break the rules or to be different. He had the courage to do something no one else did before, and we gotssss to give him MAJOR cred for that. We’re inspired. Catch ya later girls. XOXO – Justine & Susana.

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