What up, what UP GIRLZ! Shachi here! Last weekend I felt like I needed some SERIOUS museum time so I took myself out to one of my FAVS on the Upper East Side – The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The GUGGENHEIM is hands down one of my FAVORITE buildings in New York City! It’s RIGHT NEXT to Central Park and it reminds me a little bit of tornado, starting smaller at the bottom and spiraling upwards!

The inside is basically one long circular art filled ramp winding all the way to the top of the building with this MASSIVE skylight just pouring light down the middle. It’s such a unique building that I could spend HOURS just standing at the top watching other Museum Goers slowly move in circles, viewing this beautiful collection!

Not only is the building gorgeous but it also holds one of the nation’s FINEST collections of modern and contemporary art!

Woman with Yellow Hair – Pablo Picasso
Mountains at Saint-Remy – Van Gogh

The side galleries hold some really spectacular multi-media pieces! Like this little weirdo black and white movie of ships moving on the water. I’m going to be honest I don’t always GET or LURV these but it’s so great to see different forms of art in museums!¬†

One of my FAVORITE pieces currently at the Guggenheim is this crazy new piece that was added just last December! It’s this HUGE robotic arm with a giant squeegee on the end! On the floor is this like…pool of dark red liquid that continuously oozes outwards. The ROBOT then squeegees the liquid back towards that center, keeping it in a nice, neat circle and SPLATTERING the walls in the process! It’s titled “Can’t Help Myself” by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu and it’s SO provocative.

For me, watching the robot endless try to keep the blood red liquid in the center made me a little sad :(. But that’s the point of art! To get a REACTION!

SO if you’re ever in New York, DEFINITELY carve out an afternoon to check out the Guggenheim! It’s a quick little museum that you can do in an hour and a half if you don’t have a lot of time, and it’s TOTALLY worth it!

XOXO РShachi