Hola you gorgeous girlies! It’s Susana here on the FIRST DAY of DECEMBER! You can smell it in the air, the trees, the candy canes, the PRESENTS – Christmas is coming!!! The Holidays are GREAT and I LURV them…I really do…but it’s also a really hard time for me because my Mom isn’t around anymore.

When I was little she and I would celebrate Christmas the ENTIRE MONTH of December! Everyday would be something new and festive that we would do as a FAMILY. Cookie decorating, watching movies, making ornaments, decorating the tree! My Mom was OBSESSED with Christmas and she made sure my Dad and I felt the spirit of the season in everything we did! 

It’s a little harder to feel that love and giving spirit around the Holidays without her…but that doesn’t mean I don’t try my HARDEST to keep up the tradition in her absence! I keep my head up high and try spread the love to EVERYONE I meet! I keep my Mom alive in my heart by spreading joy to others! Little acts of kindness like paying for someone’s coffee or holding the door open for someone with an arm full of packages! It’s exactly what my Mom used to do! And doing all our fun little holiday things without her is sad…but at the same time makes me feel closer and connected to her! I know she’s with me in everything I do…from stringing the lights on the trees to snuggling up with some hot coco while watching Love, Actually.

My Mom is always with me, wherever I go, whatever I do! – XOXO Susana