Hey everyone, JUSTINE here! YES, I will be single this Valentine’s Day along with thousands of other girlies and YUP, I’m OKAY with it! Being single on V-Day is NOTHING to be ashamed of! Instead I think it should be a TOTAL celebration! My girl SHACHI has the right idea, she uses the opportunity to shower her friends with LURV (HEART EYES, is she a great friend or what?!).

As for me? I like to spend Valentine’s Day celebrating the love for MYSELF! That’s right, you heard me! V-Day is a total ME-Day! Self LURV is so important, and this Valentine’s Day is the PERF day to TREAT YO SELF! Personally I like to curl up with doughnuts from my FAV NYC bakery and watch EVERY version of Pride & Prejudice I can find! 

This is important! It’s nice to show the people in your life that you love them…but that ALSO includes yourself! And more often than not, we forget to treat ourselves with a little love and kindness. So whether it’s treating yourself to some tasty chocolates or FINALLY buying that lipstick from Sephora, or even just setting aside a couple hours to just sit with a book…show yourself some LURV this Valentine’s Day!

How do you turn YOUR V-Day into a ME-Day?! Let us know in the comments! 

XOXO – Justine