Haiii boo boos!! Alissa here 😉 So I wanted my post today to be about a topic that’s super important – gender fluidity. You might be thinking… WHAT IS GENDER FLUIDITY!?!?! So, let’s start with the basics. Gender fluidity refers to people who do not categorize themselves as only male or as only female. People who are gender fluid could feel at times like they are a woman, at times like they are a man, at times they may feel like a mix of the two and at times they may feel like they are neither. It’s a hard thing to explain to someone who feels comfortable easily identifying as either male or female, but the gender fluidity movement is growing as more and more people reveal their own conflicts with their gender.

Lately though, the media has highlighted topics that relate to gender fluidity, making it an easier topic to discuss. Lots of celebs, including Miley Cyrus and Jaden Smith have been doing their share to help spread the movement. Jaden Smith actually wore a dress to his prom -pretty cool stuff!

Ruby Rose, an Australian-born television actress/model has openly discussed her own conflicts with her gender and how hard it was for her to be considered a girl when many times she felt like a guy, or like neither. In reference to gender fluidity she said, “the takeaway is that only you know who you were born to be, and you need to be free to be that person.” Yas Ruby YASSS! We are so down with your message and with gender fluidity!

Interestingly, this week at New York Fashion Week I witnessed gender fluidity popping up in most of the collections. I saw women featured in clothing that was loose, perhaps considered “unattractive” for a girl and generally more “masculine.” Similarly, many male models were showcased in clothing typically considered “feminine.” These include bright colors (think boys in shiny pinks and purples!), boys in skirts, dresses and even heels.

Oftentimes the models were also transformed to look gender fluid, making it hard to tell which models were male and which were female. There were male models with long, glossy hair that I initially thought were women and there were female models with their hair slicked back that I thought were men. This added an extra element of interest to the shows and also made it clear that lots of the collections could be purchased and worn by anyone. Lots of the audience members followed this gender fluid trend and also donned accessories and clothing not normally associated with their genders.

For some of us, waking up in the morning and being the gender we were born as is no biggie. In fact, many of us like the gender we were born into. However there are also many of us who feel stuck within their gender, forced into a category they don’t connect with.

Though I feel comfortable waking up in the morning and identifying as a woman, I love the main point behind the gender-fluid movement, which is that boys and girls are equal to each other.

So girlies, the main point is this: you are powerful enough to self-identify. Don’t ever let anyone force you into categorizing yourself against your will! And MOST importantly, don’t force yourself into a category just to fit in, be yourself!

Keep it 100. xoxox – Alissa


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