Hey StelloGirls! Ah! I just had the most amazing day at New York Fashion Week! I hit up the Desigual fashion show to check out their brand new clothing collection! It was soooo fun!

Ok so first thing that I LOVED about the show was that the models SMILED! You might be thinking … why wouldn’t they smile? Well most models are supposed to keep a straight face when they’re doing their thing on the runway- so they often look real serious.

But at this show the models were so playful and they showed off their personalities. I LOVE that! They seemed like they were genuinely enjoying themselves and it made me enjoy myself too. The energy of the show was upbeat, colorful, off the wall and vibrant- it was completely contagious. I felt myself walking out of the venue with a little bounce in my step.

SOOO second thing that I LOVE – all the crazy colors and patterns mixed up and put together on one model. TREND ALERT: creating unique looks by pairing together unexpected patterns and colors. Even the tights had crazy patterns – so amaze!

There’s something so empowering about Desigual, each outfit screams out a confident “Here I Am!” So the question is- Do you dare to mismatch?  

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