Aloha StelloGirls!! It’s me, Alissa TGIF am I right? Phew, so glad this week is over and we’re ONE WEEK CLOSER to summer!! YAAAAS! I’ve also got this HUUUUUGE surfing competition coming up which I’m uber nervous about. Luckily I got a couple hours to myself today and had time to run down to the beach to catch some time on the waves!

I seriously DON’T KNOW what my life would be like without surfing. It’s like, such a huge and important part of me. You know?! Theres something so addicting about pushing yourself to make the wave, and then when you do there’s that complete RUSH of connecting with it, and riding it all the way! 😀 Literally nothing like it in this WORLD! And while I’ve been doing it since I was a sassy lil nugget, I still get soooooo nervous about competitions! I LOVE competing because I love showing my friends and family what I can DO. I love being the BEST at something!!! But on the flip side….EVERYONE is gonna be watching me, what if I totally get faced and fall off my board before I even get on the wave? Everyone could laugh at me, or boo me!

Last year at a competition a TOTALLY messed up. I missed my perfect wave and had to settle for a REALLY bad one. IT was slow, small, and I did a TERRIBLE job. I was SO upset afterwards. I questioned everything about myself, and I had to hold back the tears as I paddled back into shore. I was so certain that I needed to take a break from surfing because maybe I was actually really bad at surfing, and would never BE the best. But then SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED! As soon as I got to the beach these adorbz little girls ran up to me to tell me how much they loved me! Me you guys! Can you believe it? I know I couldn’t. I was so speechless. They wanted to take pics and snapchat to show their friends and I was still so confused like, why me? I just did a TERRIBLE job! Those cuties told me that watching someone like me surf was actually inspiring THEM to surf and chase their passions! I maaaaay have started to cry a little bit when they said that. Not because I was upset that I had completely botched up my chance at winning, but because I never even thought I could BE an inspiration to somebody else! <3 <3 

Those girls totally made my day, and reminded me WHY I do what I do. So while I’m SUPER nervous going into this upcoming competition….I know that it’s something I HAVE to do because it’s not just for me anymore!

I gotta remember to be FEARLESS in the pursuit of what sets my soul on FIRE!

Because surfing does that for SURE! Peace out babes! Gotta catch those waves!- xxx Alissa